September 15, 2016


  1. About Computers

Computer are machines that perform tasks according to a set of instructions , or programs computers work through an interaction of hardware and software.

  • Hardware refers to the parts of a computer that you can see and touch, which includes Monitor, keyboard, Mouse and other components.
  • Software refers to the instruction or programs that tell the hardware what to do. The operating system (OS) is software that manages computer and the devices connected to it.
    • Part of a computer

1.central processing unit:- the “brain” of the computer which performs most computing tasks. Sometimes referred to simply  as the “processer” or “centre pr ocesser” , the CPU is where most calculation take place.

  1. Monitor (Display unit):-A computer display monitor ,usually called simply a monitor ,is a piece of electrical equipment which display viewable image generated by a computer without producing a permanent record . The word monitor is used in other contexts; in particular in television broadcasting ,where a television picture is displayed to a high sta ndard.

3.Keyboard:- A set of input keys on a terminal or computer . It includes the standard typewriter keys several specialized keys.

  1. control keys :- these keys are used alone or in combination with other keys to perform certain actions. The most frequently used control keys are CTRL,ALT, window logo key .and ESC.
  2. navigation keys:- these keys are used for moving around in document s or Web pages and editing text. They include the arrow keys HOME, END, PAGE, UP, PAGE DOWN,DELETE ,and ISERT.

c.FUNCTION KEYS:- the function keys are used to perform specific tasks . they are labelled as F1, F2, F3, and so on up to F12. The functionality of these keys varies from program to program.

  1. NUMERIC KEYPAD:- the numeric keypad is handy for entering numbers quickly the keys are grouped together in a block like a conventional calculator.
  2. TYPING(alphanumeric) keys:- these keysc include the alaphabetric letter, numbers,punctuation, and symbol key found on a traditional typewriter.     
  3. Mouse: Pointing To An Item On The Screen Means Moving Your Mouse So The Pointer Appears To Be Touching The Item . When You Point To Something, A Small Box Often Appears That Describes The Item. For Example, When You Point To The My Documents On The Desktop, A Box Appears With This Information :” Stores And Manages Documents”.
  • A: Clicking(Single-Clicking): To Click An Item , Point To The Item On The Screen ,And Then Press And Release The Primary Button (Usually The Left Button). Clicking Is Most Often Used To Select(Mark) An Item Or Open A Menu. This Is Sometimes Called  Single-Clicking Or Left Clicking.
  • B:Double –Clicking: To Double Click An Item, Point To The Item On The Screen And Then Click Twice Quickly. If The Two Clicks Are Spaced Too Far Apart, They Might Be Interpreted As Two Individual Clicks Rather Than As One Double-Click.  Double-Clicking Is Most Often Used To Open Items. For Example: You Can Start A Program Or Open A Folder By Double-Clicking Its Icon.
  • C:Right-Clicking: To Right Click An Item , Point To The Item On The Screen ,And Then Press And Release The Secondary Button (Usually The Right Button) .Right-Clicking An Item Usually Displays A List Of Things You Can Do With The Item . If You’re Ever Unsure Of What To Do With Something, Right-Click It .


1.2  Shutdown Your System

All Windows Need To Be Closed To Shut Down Your Computer .Otherwise, Computer Will Forcefully Close All Applications Without Saving Your Work .

1: Go To Start And Click Shutdown.

2: In The Shutdown Window, Click To Open A List.

3: In The List Select Shutdown.

4: Click OK. Your computer will shutdown in few seconds.

  • Sidebar in Windows vista
    • Open a Side Bar:
    • Click the Start Button .
    • All Programs
    • Accessories
    • Window Sidebar
    • Add a Gadget

1: Click Plus symbol to open the gadget window.

2: Double click the gadget.

3: you can also drag the gadget to side bar by pressing the left side button and moving the gadget to the sidebar.


  • Working with Folders

2.1 Create a folder

  1. keep the mouse on an empty space.
  2. Right mouse click.
  3. Take your mouse to new. A submenu opens.
  4. Now take your mouse to Folder.
  5. Left mouse click Folder.
  6. A New folder appears.

7.Now give a Name to your folder so that you can identify your folder.


2.2 Rename a folder/file


  1. Take your mouse to folder you want to
  2. Right Mouse Click on the Folder.
  3. Take your mouse to Rename and Click.
  4. Now type a new name from the
  5. Press Enter from Keyboard.


  • Delete a Folder